In Plain English Business Writing Workshops for Print and Electronic Media 

Custom Training Workshops for your employees

What In Plain English® offers:

Our custom-tailored Plain English writing training workshops are designed to:

Increase productivity

Reduce writing time

Eliminate writing stress

Make writing more accurate and effective

Teach your employees to write in plain language for printed and electronic media  

In Plain English® customizes each workshop to your organization's specific needs.

Our Approach and Methods

In Plain English® talks with you, examines how your employees work, and analyzes writing samples of your staff to identify writing problems. In Plain English® custom designs the workshop and materials to solve your employees’ problems.

In Plain English® combines lectures, small group work, and one-on-one coaching to provide an intensive and productive learning environment.

Students receive a workbook with examples of writing problems derived from their own work (names and specific references changed), from within their own organizational unit, and within specific industry settings. Upon completion of the course, students receive a Certificate of Completion.

In Plain English® works with both supervisors and employees to make sure that improvements in writing style and skill are both encouraged and reinforced from above and below. Your editors, writers, managers, and clerical personnel will learn to speak and write with one voice.


To enhance the clarity and effectiveness of internal and external communication

To improve the competence and confidence of your employees who need to write

To reduce the anxiety that many feel about writing and editing

To help employees write better sentences, paragraphs, and reports

To help them accomplish the print and electronic writing projects that are part of their job

To help them clearly communicate with their various audiences

To give your employees a refresher course in grammar and style

Some Specifics

In a typical 1-day session, In Plain English® presents a broad range of materials and limited one-to-one coaching. Here is a typical list of topics covered in our seminars:

Defining the target audience

Targeting the message for the medium

Pruning the intro clutter

Using fewer words more powerfully

Using the active voice

Using a friendly tone

Using plain English

Refining sentences and paragraphs

Writing letters, memos, reports, e-mails and web-site

        Writing for the reader

Using charts and graphs

Tips and techniques

Punctuation without fear

10-minute "grammar breaks"

The In Plain English® 2 day workshop offers more one-to-one coaching and more interaction. In Plain English® reviews the writing produced during the training session, "grades" it, and meets with participants in individual conferences.

The In Plain English® 2 day workshop also offers more opportunity to customize the program to the specific needs of your organization. In Plain English® has more time for guest speakers on topics relevant to your industry--for example, regulators from your industry may be invited to talk about compliance issues and legal limits that can affect participant's letters and reports.

Custom tailored seminars

In Plain English® works with your employees and supervisors to see what they need to write. We analyze their writing samples to identify problem areas. We develop our Plain English course to meet your specific goals and problems. We provide a workbook and a certificate upon completion for each participant.

Contact us for more information and the cost to create an In Plain English® writing workshop to meet your employees needs and your company's style.


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