Who We Are...

R.H. Wohl & Associates, Inc.
In Plain English

In Plain English® is a management consulting firm with over 30 years experience helping government and businesses research, design, write, and produce user-oriented, factual information written in plain language for human resources, employee benefits, business processes, corporate and marketing needs.

R.H. Wohl & Associates, Inc./In Plain English® was founded in 1977 by Ronald H. Wohl CMC a Certified Management Consultant with over 42 years experience in business, management consulting, and management communication. R.H. Wohl & Associates, Inc has U.S. Government facility clearance.

What We Do...

Management Communication & Management Consulting Services

"Probably 90% of management problems occur because of poor communication of factual information between managers and employees, customers, stockholders, regulators, the press, and legislators."

Ronald H. Wohl CMC.

In Plain English® can help you improve your communication -- on time and on budget. Check out our approach to these problem areas:


Corporate Communication
  • Corporate policy manuals
  • Documentation System
  • Corporate internal communications
  • Strategic goal setting
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Strategy and Tactics Monitoring

Human Resources

  • Employee handbook
  • Documentation System
  • Human resource Policy and Procedure
  • Employee handbook Audit of Policies and Procedures

Product Management Services
  • Marketing and business plans
  • New product business case development guides and analysis
  • Case studies
  • Consumer research
Customer Service
  • Product and service information guides
  • Product instructions
  • Customer service analysis
  • Customer service data bases
  • Custom tailored business writing
  • Gender/diversity
  • Verbal communications
  • Sales and customer service
  • The Ambassador program


Information Technology
  • Website Content
  • Electronic manual and screen design development
  • Hypertext information systems design and development 
  • User guides and documentation
  • Forms and form instructions
  • Internal processing instructions
  • Website Analysis
  • IT Program Security Testing Analysis and Systems



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rwohl @ inplainenglish.com


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