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Readability Testing

Readability is the ease of reading as it relates to the reading skill of the audience.

Adjusting the text to match the reading skill of the audience improves comprehension, reading speed, retention, and the acceptability of the text.

A number of surveys have shown that the average reader in the U.S. is an adult of limited reading ability. Matching the texts to their reading level takes method and training.

Readability formulas provide one method for making that match. Readability also requires matching the design, organization, and approach to the reading level of the audience.

Contact us if you are interested in having your communications measured in our electronic readability laboratory managed by the leading readability expert in the USA, William DuBay.  We will need to know the purpose of your communication, and cetain characteristics of the audience to whom your communication is targeted.  Contact us at:  RWohl@InPlainEnglish.com or call us at 1-800-274-9645.

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