Corporate Communications 

In Plain English®

Managers make decisions. We help them implement their decisions.

In Plain English® writes business information so your employees, customers and other targeted audiences will understand what must be done, why it must be done, and how to do it.

In Plain English® studies our clients’ process of creating written communication, and we study their target audiences. We acquire a first-hand understanding of our client’s people, their mission, and their challenges. Our consultation focuses on improving both the process and the writing itself by studying the flow of factual information from development to dissemination.

In Plain English® facilitates meetings and brainstorming sessions, performs qualitative and quantitative research on employee attitudes and business processes, improves how your business information is communicated to your managers, employees, customers, shareholders, regulators and the media.

In Plain English®

Corporate Communication Analysis

Reviewing how you communicate factual information

Whether your business strategy is in your head or was developed by teams of consultants and managers, to work it must be communicated clearly, correctly, distinctly, and directly to the managers and employees who must carry it out.

In Plain English® understands the importance of factual information. Whether with numbers or words, we know how to get your message across.

Since 1977, In Plain English® has been selected by some of the most information intensive organizations to look at their methods of communicating factual information:

websites   legislation
manuals   forms
newsletters   tactics
guidelines   annual reports
memos   training materials
business plans   contracts
instructions   filings and many more.....
reports to congress      

Among the things In Plain English® looks at are:

language                 format                  
organization                 graphic arts                  
Presentation                 paper                  
Use                 Print electronics                  
strategy                 intention                  
layout                 documentation                  

In Plain English® reviews the documents your business runs by. And, we rewrite and redesign these documents to do the job you want them to do. That is why corporations, large and small institutions, and government agencies have hired us to improve how they do their work and use the information they generate. From board rooms to executive suites, and from workrooms to salesrooms, in print and on computer screens, we improve the flow of factual information.

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